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BMF Elettriche Webeditor
BMF Elettriche Iconiche: Symbols, Borders & Arrows

A titanic series of pictograms called BMF Elettriche Iconiche completes the huge BMF Elettriche Family. 24 different themes, each in four different weight and in the three familiar modules Base, Punto and Quadro: a total of 288 fonts.
The pictograms explore the worlds of Home, Office, Signs, Borders, Humans, Nature and much more.
We are still working on some more fonts, including i.E. also a special set of arrows and some more useful symbols: as soon they will be ready we’ll informe you.

BMF Elettriche Iconiche: See & Try

To see and try the BMF Elettriche Iconiche, you can open and use our BMF Elettriche Webeditor. This is a Flash application that give you not only the possibility to check the character set, but also to type your own text and overlap up to three different (and compatible) fonts.

We offer also the possibility to have a look at the complete list of the 288 typefaces included in the BMF Elettriche Iconiche Pack
BMFElettriche Iconiche List (1,1 Mb)
and/or to the complete signs set and their position on the keyboard:
BMFElettriche Iconiche Signs & Keys (attention: very big document! 18 Mb)

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