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BMF Elettriche Webeditor
The BMF Elettriche font family: a Preview
Forthcoming modules and other ideas BMF Elettriche MTS 1.0 comprises *only* 3 different shapes of modules, but of course there’s more where that came from – exciting shapes that can’t wait to be published, in order to be able to work and play with their cousins. Here we only show a few of them:
Amorfe, Cuore, und Fiore (Amorphous, Heart and Flower).
For an idea of there shapes, please take a look to the plate on the right.

The future of the BMF Elettriche

BMF Elettriche 1.0 is only the beginning of a humongous type project. One first extension of the family has been given a new 5-digit numbering system.
This additional coding describes the number of different modules in one font – e.g. a module for corners and another one for straight lines.

The Mother of all Typefaces: BMF Elettriche Estese

BMF Elettriche Estese consists of letters that have been constructed from a large set of combinable modules. Estese consists of a virtual skeleton that can be modified into any type style.
Although it is modular in structure, its appearance has nothing to do with that of a pixel font any more.

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